Things you should know about post-pregnancy belly

logo2Nobody could question the boon of being a mother.  A cute little baby in your arms, the cute little features of it, hands down that’s the best sight of life. The emotions flooding in when you catch a glimpse of your newly-born child is something to behold truly.

Motherhood comes with its own spectrum of emotions. There’s this happiness kicking in every single moment with some subdue of pains following the pregnancy and the birth of the kid. The pregnancy and birth of child brings its own share of physical pains for a mother.

imagesWhat normally happens when you’re pregnant is that your tummy swells up kind of balloon-like inflating all the time but that’s where the comparison ends. That inflated tummy doesn’t go away with the birth of the kid, it remains there for considerable time, considerable time being weeks and months.

We’ll discuss more about post pregnancy belly down here.

Post-pregnancy belly

1. Post-pregnancy belly still feels the same squashy and elastic feel to it just as it was while pregnant. The only difference is your tummy gets a little subdued. However the stretch marks vividly reflects the pains of pregnancy.

2. The body mechanism works around changes in hormones to reduce the size of the belly. The pregnancy period causes the skin to loosen up or retain more water than usual. Add up the excessive increase in fat or cellulite appearances in new area, you’re bound to get frustrated with the post-pregnancy belly.

The effects of post-pregnancy belly

imagesdHaving undergone the knife after the pregnancy, the hardship to return back to the smother pre-pregnancy belly starts on. Why don’t we fall back on the statistics for support? Here’s a few of them.    And yeah these are not bare facts but from the research conducted by M/A/R/C with approximately 500 of the new moms.

1. It’s said that about 71% of new mothers fell their physical appearance to be less attractive.  Around 88% of them reported that they couldn’t get their pre-pregnancy belly shape back.

2. The wardrobe perils haunted around 48% of the women having to buy oversized dress for themselves. They often had to resort back to two dress sizes for countering the post-pregnancy oversized belly problems.

The measures to get your post-pregnancy belly in shape

Often diets and workouts alone don’t suffice in getting your tummy back to the pre-pregnancy shape. The normal publicized way of getting a flatter tummy revolves around two options, one being natural way and the other being expensive and risky surgical procedures.

1. The natural way can’t guarantee get your belly to slim itself over time. There are successful and pretty unsuccessful stories too. While the surgical method is not everyone’s cup of tea.

2. So is there any other way that can guarantee your post-pregnancy belly to get itself back to the shape of pre-pregnancy one? Looks like someone listened to your requests. There precisely one such procedure that answers all your needs.

3. There’s this Velashape II that’s clinically approved and backed by the top doctors worldwide. It’s the most preferred and effective method to gain back your old pre-pregnancy shaped tummy. Its multiple synergy treatment methodology makes it a painless and comfortable procedure to go under.

4. The best thing about is that its U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved which clearly showcases its safety and effectiveness.

Often diets and workouts alone don’t suffice in getting your tummy back to the Post Pregnancy Belly.

Melbourne Cellulite Treatment


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